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Rapid action team set up by health department after food poisoning in Loha

No untoward incident has occurred in the current situation

Mumbai: Rapid Action Team has been set up by the Public Health Department after a preliminary investigation revealed that devotees suffered food poisoning on Tuesday (Feb 6) during a Yatra held on the occasion at Kosthawadi in Loha taluka.

In the pilgrimage held on the occasion at Kosthawadi and Prasad was distributed on February 6 after 5 pm. About 4600 devotees attended the saptah. Followed by bhandara dinner for all attendees. Preliminary reports indicate that food poisoning occurred after around 12 am on February 07. There were some patients started flooding at sub center and PHC. Some were transferred immediately to Sub District Hospital, Loha and other hospitals after the symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea were observed. Mild dehydration patients were managed at PHC, sub center and at Village by medical teams. The situation is totally under control. Field survey by ANM, MPW, ASHA done in affected villages for early diagnosis and referral. 4 food samples, 2 water samples and 2 vomit samples were taken and sent to DPHL and microbiology department.

Currently 64 patients are admitted at district hosp, 3 at SDH Loha, 17 at GMC Nanded and 48 at Govt.Ayurvrd college Nanded and 20 at private hospitals. As of now there is no fatality at present. Patients are being discharged who are fully recovered clinically but asked to monitor for 24 hours after discharge by surveillance teams.

District administration of the health department is alert . Central Union State Minister Dr.Bharti Pawar has taken the information of situation and Directed to take all necessary steps .

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